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Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive


Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive is approximately 7.4 miles long.  Please obtain a brochure at the visitor center or request one tobe mailed to you.  There are 13 stops on Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive and not all are accessible but the drive alone will be breathtaking.  This scenic drive will take you to spectacular overlooks of Lake Michigan and the Sleeping Bear Dunes.  There are 2 picnic areas for your use. Please drive 20 mph and enjoy your trip.



The covered bridge was one of the picturesque details that Pierce Stocking included in the scenic drive.  The cover was to protect the bridge from weather elements.  The present bridge has a clearance or 13"6" and there is a pull off where you can view and photograph the bridge.

The Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive begins with the Covered Bridge and takes you to Picnic Mountain Picnic Area where you will have access to the Dune Overlook.  The next stop will be at the Lake Michigan Overlook and last you will see the North Bar Overlook & Picnic Area.  Return to the menu to view these sites. 

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