The Disabled Traveler's Companion


The following is general information that may change over time and is not being provided as an authoritative source.  Please contact the locations below for any information you deem necessary while pre-planning your trip to Glacier to make sure your needs will be met if a medical emergency occurs.  Discuss your trip with your physician as you are pre-planning your trip.

Glacier National Park is several thousand feet above sea level so come prepared.  Sun screen and sun glasses due to the increase of ultra violet rays at this higher altitude.  Individual with a disability may experience a shortness of breath and other effects due to the thin air levels.  Individual using an air cushion will experience different pressures as your altitude fluctuates, especially when traveling the Going-To-The-Sun-Road.

If you ride on the shuttle from either Apgar or St. Mary, please check the time frame and destination for the shuttle you ride to make sure you are within your own needs.  The shuttle travel time may fluctuate due to traffic and other unforseen circumstances. 

Be aware of what you drink before your journey for coffee and other fluids may call for the need of a restroom.

Emergency and Medical:  Your first contact should be any park employee.

First aid services are located at the following places:

  • St. Mary's Visitor Center
  • Apgar Visitor Center
  • If in Glacier dial 911.  If using a cellphone, you may experience no reception.

Medical services are located at the following:

  • Kalispell Regional Medical Center, 310 Sunnyview Lane, Kalispell, MT, 59901 (406) - 752-5111 located on the west side of Glacier and is approximately 35 miles from Apgar
  • Whitefish North Valley Hospital (406) - 863-2501 and is approximately 30 miles from Apgar
  • West Glacier Urgent Care Clinic (406) - 888-9005 and is only open during the summer months, 7 days a week at 9 AM.  Call for specifics.
  • Blackfoot Indian Health Service (406)- 338-6164 is located at Browning on the east side of Glacier.  They will treat non-tribal individuals on an emergency basis only. It is approximately 35 miles from St. Mary.
  • Kalispell Regional Medical Service provides helicopter medical service
  • Great Falls International Airport has 2 medical flights and is centralized through Benefis Hospital Emergency Room.  General telephone number for Benefis Hospital is (406) - 455- 5000.  The other medical flight is Angel Flight.  Contact Great Falls International Airport at their general number (406) - 727 - 3404
  • In Canada there are full hospital facilities at Cardston (403) - 653 - 4411 or at Pincher Creek at (403) - 627 - 3333
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