The Disabled Traveler's Companion


Two Medicine is the collective name of an area located in the southeastern section of Glacier National Park.  There is a campground located at Two Medicine Lake and has one accessible campsite (please view campsites).  Two Medicine store, seen in the picture, is located along the shores of Two Medicine Lake.  There are restrooms located at Two Medicine also.  Two Medicine has boat tours that take visitors out on Two Medicine Lake.  You will need to bring assistance with the lowering of a person in a wheelchair down into the boat.  Please contact Glacier Park Boat Company, P. O. Box 5262, Kalispel, MT 59903, (406) 257-2426 with any questions concerning limitations on boarding the boat such as size and type of wheelchair. 

You will view Rising Wolf Mountain.  This area of Two Medicine was considered sacred ground by several Native American tribes, including the Blackfeet, where they performed their ritual called a vision quest.  A vision quest is what they considered a turning point in ones life.  The oldest child would venture into the woods alone for several days to get direction for their life and upon completion they would return.  Two Medicine area is one of the most sacred sections of the park to the Blackfeet.






This is the boat ramp and the steps are what take you down into the boat







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