The Disabled Traveler's Companion


Trail of the Cedars (0.8 miles long). This attraction is partially paved and partially a boardwalk.  The area that is paved is slightly wavy in spots.  The weather and roots of these giant cedars may be the cause in the changes from year to year.  The boardwalk area is much easier to navigate.  There are beautiful views of old-growth forest and the Avalanche Gorge.  Have your camera ready for wildlife may cross the path while going through this forest.  Individuals who may have a difficult walking may want to stick to the boardwalk section. 

The pictures below begin at the paved area of the trail.  There is accessible parking at this part of the paved trailhead. 

Entering the Trail of the Cedars from the paved end you will find a restroom 0.2 miles in. 






 The pictures above show the paved part of the trail.  The one thing that was noticed, and you can see it in the pictures, the light and darkness.  Family members are playing on the logs and you can see how this trail can keep out sunlight on some of the brightest days.

The entrance below is the boardwalk section and is by the Avalanche Campground entrance. There is parking on the other side of the road at the Avalanche Picnic area .  The boardwalk begins between the two trees 












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