The Disabled Traveler's Companion


Logan Pass is located about half way on Going To The Sun Road.  There is a visitor center there and trails.  Accessible parking is near the curb cut to begin your jaunt up about 490 feet of sidewalk to get to the visitor center.  The pictures below start at the parking lot and end up inside the visitor center.  The shuttle from either West Glacier or St. Mary's can be taken to Logan Pass.  Please check the transportation link for a schedule and time frame. 




  There is plenty of parking at Logan's Pass but be ready for a workout  



A view from the accessible parking shows the building and one of the shuttle buses.  Once you get to the curb cut-away you can go left to the visitor center and there is an accessible restroom on the lower terrace or you can take a right and follow the ramp up to the upper terrace.  The next picture shows the pathway to the top.  The path on the right you will want to avoid due to its steepness.  Continue of the sidewalk and as you go away from the building you will get to a switchback and continue upward.




You need a push but the grade is not that bad but rather long.  As you are making the journey towards the upper level you will view native plants and some wildlife.  Once on top you can venture inside the visior center where you will find informative displays, books, posters, etc.  Also on the upper terrace level there is a limited walkway where one can view native plants and scenery. 




The picture showing the parking lot gives you and idea how high up you ventured.  Once inside there have displays and books to browse.

There is a drinking fountain and accessible restrooms on the lower terrace




This photo was taken for it shows how they improve accessibility with funds collected.    
 cms by Netsource One, Inc.