The Disabled Traveler's Companion
The Disabled Traveler's Companion 



The Disabled Traveler's Companion does not evaluate or criticize anything regarding accessibility at our national parks.  We work with the parks in publishing accessible information and must meet their approval before making their park active. 

The goal of The Disabled Traveler's Companion is to remove much of the unknown in our national parks that concerns visitors with a disability or age related difficulties.  By condensing and focusing accessible areas of the parks to one web site, a visitor will be able to better prepare themselves for an experience they will cherish and talk about forever, especially with their children or grandchildren. 

The National Park Service is the provost for our country's natural heritage.  The national parks are scattered throughout our country's natural borders and they hold a teaching process of nature that will humble those who experience it first hand. 

Remember:  we are visitors in the national parks, nature at its finest.  The citizens of these parks, from four legged to winged creatures, did not invite us but rather we invited ourselves to their homes.  The least we can do when we visit these parks is to leave the delicate balance of nature intact.

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