The Disabled Traveler's Companion


Glacier National Park may be considered the gem of this country's national parks.  Looking at pictures or watching videos does not and never will be able to replace the actuality of being there and smelling the freshness of the mountains and enjoying the park's natural beauty.  Whether it is camping or staying at one of the park's lodge properties, there will be lifestyle changes you will experience once back on your home turf.  Before venturing, you need to do research on what you would like to do and prepare for your trip carefully. 

 If you have never been camping before and would like to try waking up in the mountains, camp at home to see how comfortable you will be.  In other words, try it out first at home, determine what works best for you and take it with you.  Camping in a tent at an accessible campground or any other campsite that meets your needs with a campfire going and roasting marshmallows with your kids or grandkids will change everyone's life.  This is an experience not acquired from computer games.  Staying at one of the historical lodges and waking up in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee and clean mountain air, or spending an evening by a large fireplace conversing with people from different parts of the country or world is heaven.  You may and probably will come across situations where it may be inconvenient but the rewards far out way the inconveniences. 

By researching Glacier National Park and talking to the lodges' management, many questions may be answered but a lot depends on you.  It will depend on what you want to accomplish.  There will be areas that a visitor with a disability cannot venture but being in the park environment is the next best thing.  Talking with the kids or grandkids while there and even weeks later will be something others cannot and never will relate to until they experience the same adventure.   Leave civilization, cell phones, and computer games behind; find and enjoy nature. cms by Netsource One, Inc.